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Why Bread?

Who is Rayo de Sol?

Your favorite Good Stuff by Mom & Me breads can now be found under our new name, Rayo de Sol. The same wonderful products and excellent quality made by the same folks that bring you Good Stuff. We are Rayo de Sol – A Ray of Sun – We are a small family business, owned and operated by the same hands that have skillfully made your favorite Good Stuff products for years. You will soon find your Good Stuff Breads in our new packaging and with our new name - Rayo de Sol!

Rayo de Sol – A Ray of Hope

Surviving the streets of Mexico - where I grew up - required creativity and innovation; escaping those streets required a ‘Rayo de Sol’: a ray of sun, a miracle!  My miracle brought me to Western New York, where working with my new family - and their business Good Stuff by Mom & Me - introduced me to healthy eating, and I put my street-wise ingenuity to work in the kitchen!

This bread is my handwork, my family enterprise, my ‘Rayo de Sol’ of health and hope to others.

Rayo de Sol Introduces Chewy, Ready-to-Eat Raw Breads!

Tired of raw ”breads”’ that crunch like crackers? So were we! Enjoying a sandwich on our chewy gluten & grain-free raw breads satisfied our mealtime cravings and eased our transition to a healthier way of eating.

Your Daily Bread – On the Rise

Bread - in one form or another - has been an essential part of human sustenance since the introduction of agriculture, evolving and ‘industrializing’ with us. Today’s mass-market ‘daily bread’ is health-negative: poor quality components stripped of natural vitality and nourishment.

Rayo De Sol takes bread back to its natural essence: a plant-strong, nutrient-dense living food...the staff of life!  To preserve vital enzymes and nutrients required for optimal health, we hand-make our breads from the highest quality ingredients (organic, GMO-free) and dehydrate below 105° F.

Special Diet - Extraordinary Solution

Our chewy, raw, ready-to-eat bread is vegan, grain & gluten-free. Dried fruit is our only sweetener.

We are proud of our breads. Give them a try and you'll see why!

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